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Q. Talk about the book that most changed or influenced your life (was it a book that turned you from an average to avid reader, did it help you deal with a particularly difficult situation, does it bring you comfort every time you read it?).

I’m marginally embarrassed to admit this, but the series that most recently and most heavily impacted my life is Twilight. Not because I’m ‘Team Edward’ or ‘Team Jacob’ or even because I think they’re the most amazing books I’ve ever read. For me, being handed a copy of Twilight brought me back to the world of YA literature and to a love of writing that I’d put on a shelf. Not only had I shifted away from YA literature to read more ‘adult’ books, I was spending more time attending to practical pursuits like paying the bills.

Twilight brought me back to the genre I enjoy most and has been a refreshing change which has also given me the courage to pursue my own writing further.

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  1. Hopping by & following! DOn't worry, I'm sure that a lot more people really liked Twilight when they read it than will admit! Happy Friday (:
    -Katie @

  2. Awe, what a great answer! I <3 Twilight too, and it really inspired me to drag out my old manuscripts and start writing again too! I went a little further back in time for my FF post, which you can check out over at Fuzzy.Coffee.Books if ya like!
    *new follower

  3. I'm not much of huuuuge Twilight fan, but I read and enjoyed the books! Nothing to be embarrassed about! Good choice! šŸ™‚

    Happy Friday! New follower here! šŸ™‚

  4. Hi, I'm a new follower just hopping through. I think Twilight was an amazing book. It is definitely one of my all-time favorites and I don't care who knows it. I may not be the biggest fan of the movies but those books were amazing!

    Danielle @Ramblings From This Chick

  5. Hopping through. Twilight was probably my most important book in many years. It captured me completely and made me obsessed with paranormal.
    My Hop

  6. Thanks for the Twilight support everyone! I think I just felt like I should be choosing something a little more intellectual and thought provoking, but that just wouldn't have been honest!

  7. Loving the honesty! Regardless of whether Twilight was considered good or not they certainly made big waves in the book world. And they got my little sister way into reading so for that they're totally worthwhile!
    New Follower, stop by if you wish:

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