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  1. Hi, I am a massive fan of your crossroads series and am now re- reading them all. But whilst doing so it got me thinking in how Nik felt when he first met Katia and pulled her out of sight of the patrol guards, and also what was he doing out of bed. So I am wondering if you. Would ever consider writing scenes from all 3 books from Niks point of view. Maybe the Mardi Gras Katias costume scene, as well?

    • Hi Amy!

      What a great question. I haven’t done a lot of alternate POV scenes in the past, but I do have one tucked away from the Halloween Masquerade in Red Dawn. It’s short and sweet, but I’ll pop it up on the blog.

      So glad to hear you loved the series!

    • Hi Jaia! So sorry for the delayed response. *glares at spam filter* I’ve been trying my hand at romance and am finishing edits on my third book currently, which means I’m about to start planning my next project. I’ve been kicking around some new YA ideas and one of them may cross over, so time will tell. Sorry to be a tease, but the truth is, I’m not sure yet so I don’t want to promise. 😉 I will definitely post updates on my website though so be sure to check back and/or join the street team here to be first to know!

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