Snapple Real Fact #741: Plants, like humans, can run a fever if they are sick.
(I wonder if they’re also prone to migraines? And where you take the temperature? And if I can just stick my thermometer in a potted plant the next time I want to call in sick!)
On serious note (or as serious as I get), this is kind of a big week for me. What constitutes a big week? Let’s see:
1.       I am going to get a first look at my cover art tomorrow. (Yikes! However will I sleep tonight? I hope it is AWESOME!)
2.       I received the first round of edits on my manuscript. I’ll be honest, I might’ve been expecting more red. Guess I picked up a thing or two (not about commas) in 10th grade English. I was always a fan of reading, writing, and spelling. I loved spelling.  And writing. And reading. Grammar? Not so much.
3.       I got some positive reinforcement on my manuscript. (Hey, it’s the little things). It was just nice to hear someone (outside my circle of guiding critics) say that they really enjoyed reading my work.
4.       I may be in high gear, no sleep, bags-under-my-eyes mode at my day job, but come 5 o’clock Friday I will officially be on vacation. I’ve got a date with sun, sand, and margaritas!  Viva la Mexico!
5.       Last but not least, I’m volunteering at the food bank tomorrow night. It’s just a couple of hours, but it always leaves me feeling good. Really good. And makes me wish I’d find more time to volunteer. Working at the food bank somehow makes all of the little things seem, well, little. I can’t think of a better way to put life in perspective than to give back to the community and get a gracious reminder of how lucky I truly am.