Say It Ain’t So…

I never really thought of myself as the ‘slacker’ type, but I’ve been having a little trouble finding my motivation lately. Actually, it reminds me of a Green Day song! Anyway, between work and remodeling my kitchen (Oh, yeah. DIY all the way), I haven’t managed to write much or find the time to *gasp* read! Appalling, I know.

Maybe it’s the end of summer blues? None of the available titles on my TBR list have really got me ready to curl up with my Kindle. However, I was lurking in the blogosphere today and I found two great reviews that got my attention and went straight to the top of my TBR list. (Isn’t it amazing how contagious one blogger’s enthusiasm can be? So much better than a sterile blurb on Amazon!)

I’m also about halfway through the outline for my second manuscript, but I seem to be stuck on that one little pivotal point that requires me to rethink my logic. I wouldn’t exactly call it writers block, but it’s a definitely a puzzle I haven’t solved yet. And it’s giving me even more appreciation for the perseverance of the many wonderful authors I love as they frequently comment on the fact that writing the second book is more challenging than the first. For me, I’m taking it as a sign of personal growth which I hope will be reflected in my writing!

Just a few mores hours until the weekend so I think I’ll go download Daimon and delve into Jennifer Armentrout’s world of the Covenant.